The biggest monster fight to grace the comic book page hits in this climactic issue! Lucy and Woods converge on the site of an epic monster brawl as the aliens launch a last ditch effort to rule the Earth! „ 

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Monster Island is the eighth issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on January 29, 2014.


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In the Cryog Mothership, Steven Woods and Chavez use their Ice Boxes to fend off the Cryogs. The Cryog leader sends the strike force after them and hit one of their ice boxes. Woods kicks the broken ice box at the Cryog strike team, freezing and killing them, as Jet Jaguar punches into the craft and flies them away to safety. The Cryogs travel to an island in the Pacific Ocean where the Devonians' facility is. When they contact the Devonians, the Cryog leader taunts the Devonian leader, causing him to snap, and unleash Biollante on them. Biollante comes up from the ground and grabs the craft as Godzilla arrives. The Millennian UFO is launched from the Mothership as Godzilla fires his atomic breath at the mothership and it explodes, killing almost everyone on board. Then, Jet Jaguar, Woods and Chavez land on an aircraft carrier.

Back on the island, Biollante wraps Godzilla with her tendrils and begins beating him up, but Godzilla shakes them off with a nuclear pulse. Biollante pushes Godzilla into some rock and then pulls him back before firing her corrosive sap at him. Godzilla then fires his atomic breath at her a couple of times and then fires it again at a hill nearby, setting it aflame. The fire starts catching up to Biollante, and Godzilla fires one final atomic blast at Biollante, engulfing her. As Godzilla leaves the island, Woods and Allison talk about Jet Jaguar. Allison then tells Woods they got Lucy's team and that they'll be there soon to check out the island.

As Godzilla is leaving the island, and Lucy and Professor Ando are talking about the Monster Island chain on an aircraft carrier, the Devonians send out Titanosaurus, Manda and Gezora to attack.








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  • A conceptual retail incentive cover by Jeff Zornow shows Minilla in the bottom right in place of Gezora.

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