Monster Wars: Part 1 is the twelfth episode of Godzilla: The Series.


The episode opens with H.E.A.T. following Zilla Junior as he forages for food. All goes smoothly until Junior finds a fishing net full of fish and tries to take off with it, taking the boat with him. Back at H.E.A.T. Headquarters, Dr. Mendel Craven is concerned that he has picked up some Tachyon transmissions, and is working with a man named Dr. Soppler to decide if they are real, which he is told they are not. The group tells Craven that his machine N.I.G.E.L. malfunctioned and almost caused them to be hurt by Zilla Junior. The group all turn on one another, and go to track down aome Tahcyon pulses, which Nick had recorded. In Nigeria, the Giant Bat begins to terrorize the countryside. Meanwhile, H.E.A.T. breaks into the military base from which the tachyon pulse is coming. In the base, they discover the Leviathan, the tachyon ship from months prior. No sooner do they see it, than does Major Anthony Hicks appear behind them. Hicks explains that Elsie Chapman helped the U.S. military to find it. the group begins to squabble and they are expelled from the base. Slowly, the group begins to disband, member by member, while in Nigeria,the Giant Bat continues to wreak havoc. Nick travels there and tries to fend of the bat without H.E.A.T., but he is saved by Randy Hernandez, Monique Dupre, and Zilla Junior. Junior fights the bat until it retreats, little do they know it is under Tachyon control. back at the building, Nick and Craven discuss the group's strange behavior, and notice that everyone's temper flares up when Dr. Soppler is around. They spy on Hicks' military base, and it is revealed that the Tachyons have control over all of the people inside, and that they have gained control over not only the bat, but also Crustaceous Rex, the Giant Mutant Bee Queen, a giant Mutant Rat, and El Gusano Gigante.


"Indeed. It is almost as laughable a notion as one breathing atomic fire." „ 

— Monique, after Mendel says Zilla Jr.'s ability to sense the Tachyon signals is 'improbable' in episode "Leviathan".


It is revealed at the end of this episode that Crustaceous Rex, the Giant Mutant Bee Queen, the Biggest of Mutant Rats and El Gusano Gigante, presumed all deceased except El Gusano Gigante, are all survived at their first fight against Zilla Junior.


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