Monster Wars: Part 3 is the fourteenth episode of Godzilla: The Series.


The episode opens with the re-establishment of the fact that many major cities are being destroyed by the various Mutations under Tachyon control. H.E.A.T. is still imprisoned, and a Tachyon invasion force is rapidly approaching earth. The group of protagonists eventually decide that if they sever the Aliens connection with their home-world, then that will cut them off from the monsters. they find the transmission room, but they are found by Elsie Chapman, who was under Tachyon control. Monique Dupre uses her training in hypnosis to allow Elsie to regain control of her body. Mendel Craven is able to cancel the transmission, giving the monsters back their free will, but by that time the Tachyon invasion fleet had already arrived. Zilla Junior tries to fight against the Tachyon warships, but he is quickly defeated. They destroy another Tachyon transmissions building, but they are quickly re-captured by the invaders. The recently liberated monsters begin to perceive the Tachyons as intruders on their territory and begin to attack them, leading to H.E.A.T.'s being saved from execution. It is then revealed that the original Zilla(now reborn as Cyber-Zilla) is still under the control of the Tachyons. The aliens realize that the remaining mutations pose a threat to them, and they begin to eliminate them. Zilla Junior appears on the beach where Cyber-Zilla poses a threat to H.E.A.T., and begins to question which of his fathers he should side with, but eventually he settles on Nick. The two kaiju begin to fight, but the Tachyons eventually begin to assault Zilla Junior as well. H.E.A.T. hijacks a Tachyon ship, and they begin to use Elsie's knowledge of the Tachyon plan and technology to bring down many small ships and control buildings. Zilla Junior defeats his father, and the Tachyon collective orders a retreat. They begin to celebrate, but the ship begins to fly into space with the rest of the fleet. the launch the escape pod, and reunite with Zilla Junior on the beach. Major Anthony Hicks tells H.E.A.T. that the other Mutations are not dead, but are unconscious, and says that the Military had planned to adapt the South Pacific island into a place where they can be researched (Not unlike the Showa era continuity's Monsterland)


  • The biggest of Mutant Rats do not appear for unknown reasons, his final fate is unknown.
  • The Giant Mutant Bee Queen, El Gusano Gigante and Cryptocledius are the victims of the final battle against the Tachyons, however for the two last, it planes a doubt on their possibly survival.
  • Continuity Error: Nick claims he found a way to used to an escape pod back when they used an escape pod to escape the Leviatian, he didn't, Dr. Perloran went to activated the escape Pod.


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