Moscow is a capital and the largest city in Russia. It appears in 1968 Godzilla film, Destroy All Monsters.


Showa Series

Destroy All Monsters

Rodan attacking Moscow in Destroy All Monsters

After the Kilaaks invade Monsterland and take control of monsters' minds, they send Rodan to attack Moscow.

TriStar series

Godzilla: The Series

In the Monster Wars Trilogy, the Tachyon Aliens send the mind-controlled Godzilla, Cyber-Godzilla and several of Godzilla's previously defeated foes they had recovered to attack major cities around the world and force humanity to deplete their weaponry in preparation for the Tachyon's invasion force. Two of Godzilla's enemies, El Gusano Gigante and the Giant Mutant Bee, are sent to attack Moscow. Both monsters are killed when they revolt against their alien masters.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Moscow was mentioned as a city that was attacked by the Titans during Ghidorah’s mass awakening. The Titan who attacked Moscow, however, is unidentified.

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