The soundtrack of Mothra was released in 1995, with music by Yuji Koseki.



  1. Prelude
  2. Main Title
  3. Infant Island
  4. The Mysterious Little Beauty
  5. Nelson's Ambitions
  6. The Fairies Show
  7. "Mothra's Song"
  8. The Birth of Baby Mothra
  9. "The Infant Girl"
  10. Operation 'Annihilate Mothra'
  11. Collapse of the 3rd Dam
  12. Baby Mothra Attacks
  13. Tokyo Tower and Mothra
  14. The Atomic Heat Ray Gun Attack Begins
  15. Adult Mothra In Flight
  16. Newkirk City
  17. Ending
  18. The Little Beauty's Tune (Mix)
  19. Composition Mix
  20. Prescoring for Reference Purposes

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