Mr. Bicross (ミスターバイクロス,   Misutā Baikurosu?) is the head of Crown and main antagonist of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the series titled The Birth of Guyferd.


Heisei Series

Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd

Mr. Bicross is the head of the evil organization Crown. His business front claims to be a clean scientific facility working to better the future, but, he seeks world domination by eliminating humans with an army of Guyborgs and Mutian elites. He funds consent-less human experimentation. Throughout the series, he sends many Mutians to try and capture Gou Kazama, because he has exhibited great powers. Eventually, during a fight with Guyferd, Bicross becomes a Mutian himself. He is eventually killed by Guyferd off-camera.



Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd

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