Nanbara (南原?) was an INTERPOL agent that appeared in the 1974 Toho film Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla. He trailed Keisuke Shimizu and Saeko Kaneshiro from Okinawa to Tokyo, constantly shadowing them as well as Black Hole Alien agent Yanagawa.


Showa Era

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla

His original cover story is that he is a freelance reporter or "scandal hunter".During Keisuke and Saeko's trip back to Okinawa, Nanbara revealed that he was an Interpol agent when he killed Yanagawa, stopping him from stealing the statue of King Caesar that Keisuke and Saeko had with them. Subsequently, Nanbara helped Keisuke rescue his brother, Professor Miyajima and Miyajima's daughter from the clutches of the aliens. Nanbara has a cigarette smoking habit.


  • Agent Nanbara was portrayed by actor Shin Kishida, who is also known for portraying the character Dr. Saburo Mizusima in Fireman (Tv series).
  • Agent Nanbara was portrayed by actor Shin Kishida, who is also known for portraying the character Ken Sakata in The Return of Ultraman.
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