The Nanotech Creature (群体怪獣マイクローブ,   Guntai Kaijū Maikurōbu?, lit. Microbe Monster Colony) is a petroleum-eating microbe colony kaiju created by TriStar Pictures that appeared in the 1998 Godzilla: The Series episode, Talkin' Trash.


Godzilla: The Series

Talkin' Trash

The Nanotech Creature was sent out to devour the garbage that had been collecting during a sanitation worker strike, unfortunately, It was released on the city before it was successfully tested, and was unable to properly identify garbage, and began to devour everything with petroleum in its path. H.E.A.T. was then summoned to apprehend the creature, and attempted to overload its circuitry with an Electromagnetic Pulse, but they were not equipped to handle as large a mass as the Nanotech Creature. The creature then took to the water to pursue H.E.A.T., and later attacked a cargo ship, where it was met with Godzilla. While they fought, the Nanotech Creature held the upper hand, and nearly smothered Godzilla, but H.E.A.T. created a virus to disable the creature and successfully launched it, destroying the Nanotech Creature.


Being an amorphous creature it does not have a defined shape, but it has some recognizable features, in all its forms it is an orange color with reddish stripes, in its aquatic form it has 8 limbs shaped like a paddle to move on the surface of the water, 2 tentacles with an arrowhead on the front and 2 on the back of its body, the other shape it acquires is a kind of tube with a hole at the top that simulates a mouth and small tendrils sprouting around your body, you can create some variations like having bigger tentacles or a jawbone but the shape is essentially the same.


  • Petroleum absorption: The Nanotech Creature can absorb petroleum.
  • Increase of size: The Nanotech Creature can grow in size very quickly.
  • Shape Shift: The Nanotech Creature can alter its shape depending on the situation it is in.
  • Generation of appendages: The Nanotech Creature can form tentacles to catch its victims and extremities in the form of a paddle to move in the water.
  • Constriction: The Nanotech Creature can constrict and suffocate its prey by wrapping itself around them and with its tentacles.
  • Body Mass Throw: In Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars, the Nanotech Creature can throw parts of its own body.
  • Generation of a new body: Nanotech Creature can generate a new body from a small piece of its body by absorbing enough petroleum.
  • Asexual reproduction: A piece of its body can be turned into a new Nanotech Creature, like starfish from severed arms.


  • The Nanotech Creature can be petrified when infected with a computer virus.
    • The Nanotech Creature can be easily destroyed with when petrified.
  • The Nanotech Creature does not like water.

Video Game Appearances

  • Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars



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