The Natarl Mother Ship (ナタール人の基地,   Natāru Hito no Kichi?, lit. Natarl People's Base) is the base of operations and mother ship of the Natarls, which was created by Toho and first appeared in the 1959 tokusatsu film, Battle in Outer Space.


Showa Series

Battle in Outer Space

The Natarl Mother Ship was first primarily used as a base of operations for the Natarls, stationed on the Moon. The base was first spotted by the crews of the SPIPs after they had successfully landed on the Moon and stumbled upon it whilst exploring an underground cave. The Natarls soon after ordered the invaders to surrender, but instead they began firing laser cannons at the craft. But, the base also started firing a high-powered laser towards the attackers in retaliation. Just as the crews of the SPIPs began to admit defeat, one of their fellow members joined the efforts piloting one of the Moon All Terrain Vehicles. The combined beams were just enough to damage the ship and allow the crews to escape.

A time later, after the SPIPs had returned to Earth and the Mother Ship was repaired, it was accompanied by a legion of Natarl UFOs and began to approach Earth. To combat the potential invasion, a squadron of FFE Space Fighters were sent into space. Although a handful of the UFOs were shot down, the earthly crafts were no match for their extraterrestrial counterparts and the Natarls ultimately breached their line of defense.

The Mother Ship and its escort of UFOs flew to the Tokyo area with ease and began to tear the city apart with a vacuum-esque beam. Devastation began to sweep the nation in the blink of an eye, buildings, vehicles, and citizens ripped from the ground. Unbeknownst to the occupied Mother Ship crew, one of the remaining FFE Fighters managed to pick off some of the UFOs one-by-one, and eventually leaving very few left. With some assistance from a cluster of Atomic Heat Cannons, the single aircraft was miraculously able to destroy the remaining UFOs as well as the Mother Ship, ending the Natarl invasion.


  • Capable of flight and space travel
  • Can emit a blue laser from its core which can cut through rock
  • Can unleash a powerful tractor beam of sorts which can lift and pull apart any substance or structure
  • Can fire off multiple meteor-like torpedoes


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