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We need Kong. The world needs him. „ 

— Nathan Lind (Godzilla vs. Kong)

Dr. Nathan Lind is a scientist character who first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong.


Dr. Nathan Lind is a geologist who is obsessed with Hollow Earth. Sometimes obsessive, his pursuit of his theories has relegated him to the status of "crackpot" in the scientific community, though it turns out that much of what he says is actually accurate. Though cowardly and unsure on the surface, Dr. Lind has great courage beneath the surface.


Ilene Andrews

Dr. Nathan Lind and the anthropologist Ilene Andrews are former co-workers who once again end up working together. Andrews is at first somewhat distrustful of Lind, believing like many that his theories about Hollow Earth are at best farfetched. She is also annoyed by Lind's seemingly dismissive attitude towards Kong and apparently cowardly nature. Nevertheless, they are ultimately willing to put their trust in each other and end up with a bond forged by fire as their journey reaches its climax and they face the forces aligned against them.


Nathan Lind is wary of Kong at first, believing him more or less to be only a necessary tool for the voyage to Hollow Earth and finding a power source to take on Godzilla. As they get to know each other, however, Lind comes to have great respect for Kong, even risking his own life to save his.


Godzilla vs. Kong

Obsessed with Hollow Earth, Dr. Nathan Lind wrote an unpopular book about the subject. Once with Monarch he was dismissed as a "sci-fi quack trading in fringe physics." His brother, Dave, was lost in an expedition to attempt to enter Hollow Earth, his team caught in a gravitational inversion that completely crushed their vehicle in an instant.

One day, Lind is approached by Walter Simmons, the head of Apex Cybernetics along with his Chief Technology Officer, Ren Serizawa. Simmons expresses appreciation for Lind's work and reveals that his people have detected a massive energy signal from Hollow Earth, one almost identical to the readings from Godzilla. He asks for Lind's help to find it, revealing that Apex has creating a new vehicle, the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle, or H.E.A.V., capable of overcoming the gravity inversion. He says that all they need is a team leader and begs Lind to help them lead the way. Warming to the plan, Lind tells Simmons that he has an idea: his theory of genetic memory, that all Titans share a common impulse to return to their evolutionary source. He suggests that a Titan could show them the way, with a little help from an old colleague of his.

Lind approaches the old colleague in question, Dr. Ilene Andrews, at Monarch's Kong Monitoring Facility on Skull Island. She is immediately dismissive of the idea of a power source, saying that it's nuts, even for him. Lind, however, replies that it is there and they just need Kong to lead them to it. Andrews dislikes the idea, saying that the second they release Kong, Godzilla will come for him. Lind points out that she herself had said they can't keep him there forever. He tells her that they could potentially find a new home for Kong in Hollow Earth and that the power source is their last chance, one they must take. Andrews finally relents, but tells Lind that what she says goes when it comes to Kong.

An expedition launches with a fleet of naval vessels escorting Kong and the team accompanying him to Antarctica. As they prepare to take off, Lind complains that he can smell Kong even from the ship's bridge. "He can smell you too," retorts Andrews, commenting that he's still not a fan. Andrew's young charge, an orphaned Iwi girl named Jia, signs that Lind is a coward. Lind asks what she's saying and Andrews replies that it's an Iwi expression meaning that he's very brave, sharing a private laugh with Jia. She then asks Lind what will happen if Kong doesn't go willingly, but Lind simply ignores the uncomfortable question. He then gets a call ordering him to report to the forward deck, where he meets up with Maia Simmons, the daughter of Apex Cybernetics CEO Walter Simmons, who is running point for Apex. He introduces himself as the mission chief and she tells him not to worry, that she's just there to "babysit." She regales him with the capabilities of the H.E.A.V.s, but he stands coolly unimpressed, clearly rubbed the wrong way by her.

Not long after this, Kong becomes upset during a storm and Jia heads outside to the deck to calm him down. In the process, Kong gives the sign for "Home," astonishing everyone, as they realize that Kong is capable of far more communication than they realize. Lind asks Andrews if she has any idea how long they've been communicating and she admits that she doesn't, but she knows that Kong trusts Jia. He asks her if Jia is someone who could "keep the reins" on Kong, but she replies that nobody can and she's only a child. He shoots back that he knows she's a child, but that she's the only one Kong will communicate with and they need Kong, the world needs him. Almost immediately afterwards, the fleet faces a surprise attack by Godzilla. Throughout most of the attack, Lind panics, overwhelmed by the situation and leaving the orders to others. Finally, however, as Godzilla presses his advantage, he comes to a conclusion. He tells the voyage's commander, Admiral Wilcox, to shut everything down. Wilcox counters that they're dead if they do this, but Lind replies that they're only playing dead. Andrews understands, saying that they're making Godzilla think he's won. Wilcox gives the order and the plan is successful, causing Godzilla to retreat. Afterwards, Andrews asks just they plan to get Kong the rest of the way. "How's Kong with heights?" asks Lind.

The group arrives in Antarctica, but it quickly becomes clear that Kong is reluctant to step through the portal that leads to Hollow Earth. With time of the essence, Lind points out that it's not working and suggests that Andrews have Jia tell Kong that there may be others like him in Hollow Earth. Andrews counters that they don't know that, but Lind is insistent, pointing out that there's no way back for Kong to Skull Island and there's no way he can survive there in Antarctica. Andrews is once again forced to relent, telling Jia to communicate the information to Kong. She does so and, understanding, Kong finally leaps through the hole, the others following behind in the H.E.A.V.s. Maia Simmons asks Lind if he's sure Kong is going to survive. He tells her to be more worried about them, that they're about to be launched a thousand miles in two seconds until gravity inverts and it'll be the most amazing thing she's ever seen.

Everyone arrives safely in Hollow Earth and they begin blazing a trail as Kong leads the way to an ancient temple. Lind points out on the radio that Kong clearly knows where he's going. At the temple, Kong claims an axe, which is clearly the sought-after power source. Maia has her team begin extracting energy from it, overriding Andrews's objections. Her actions and threatening of Andrews and Jia, and Lind by extension, since he is with them, stirs Kong to rage. Lind witnesses as Maia's H.E.A.V. is crushed by Kong with her inside. He, Andrews and Jia then escape in their own H.E.A.V. through a hole gouged into Hollow Earth by Godzilla, while Kong exits back to Hong Kong as well to fight Godzilla. They witness as Kong attacks Godzilla using the axe and energy sends them both rocketing in opposite directions. As Kong rises from the rubble, Lind comments that round to goes to Kong.

In the process however, Kong has lost his axe and without it, it quickly becomes clear that he is losing. He eventually falls and as they go to investigate, Jia races up to Kong and signs something to Andrews. Lind asks what's going on and she explains that Jia can feel Kong's heartbeat, and he is dying. She says that there's nothing they can do, that to restart his heart, they'd need a charge big enough to... She cuts off her sentence, as Lind finishes "...light up Las Vegas for a week?" He directs their attention to the H.E.A.V. He powers it up, telling Andrews and Jia to stand clear. He tells Jia that she's a very brave little girl, making the sign that she made before, still not realizing that it's the "coward" sign. She points back at him, but her meaning is clear that this time she actually does believe him to be brave. "I don't know," he tells her, "Maybe we both are." He then rams Kong with the H.E.A.V to restart his heart, knocking himself out in the process.

The plan is successful and with his heart restarted, Kong joins a new fight - Godzilla's ongoing battle against Mechagodzilla, a robotic Titan created by Apex. The two succeed in disabling the creature. In the aftermath of the fight, Andrews finds Lind. He at first appears to be passed out, but then gasps, turning out to be okay after all. They then watch together as Kong and Godzilla acknowledge each other as equals and allies before Godzilla retreats to the sea. Some time later, Lind is now part of the group tracking Kong's activities at the new Kong Monitoring Station in Hollow Earth. As a new day dawns, he announces "Heads up, guys! He's coming around for his morning walk."

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  • The novelization of Godzilla vs. Kong provides more information regarding Lind's backstory in personality, including the fact that it was his brother Dave who was always considered the winner and considering himself to have always been a failure. Nevertheless, his brother would encourage him, and he still imagines the voice of his brother encouraging him in tough situations.


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