Needlar (ニードラー,   Nīdorā?) is a needle shooting kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 24 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Zone Fighter titled Defeat the Needle Shooting Terror-Beast Needlar.


Needlar is a hybrid of sorts and draws traits mainly from horses as well as insects. His head is shaped like that of a horse and has a long, dark brown mane which drapes down the back of it. Near his mouth, two short mandibles can be seen which spread apart when his jaws are open. Needlar does not have ears, but in their place are two insect-like antennae. These appendages rest directly behind his orange, robotic looking eyes. Needlar's entire body is a dark turquoise color, but is mostly covered in metal panels. However, part of Needlar's insides can be seen from the left side of his body; red wires run out from the hole over to another exposed part on the opposite side. Finally, Needlar has a short lock of hair starting on his back side which resembles a horse's tail.


Zone Fighter

Defeat the Needle Shooting Terror-Beast Needlar



Throwing Stars

Needlar can create large shurikens which when thrown will embed themselves into their target and eventually self destruct.

Blow Gun

Needlar wields a giant blow gun which when held up to a hole in his neck will fire powerful darts. These darts are capable of exploding after hitting a target.

Sword Materialization

Needlar can create a triangular sword out of thin air.

Constricting Beam

Needlar can fire a beam of energy from his hands which can constrict any enemy it comes in contact with.

Fire Breath

Like most Terror-Beasts, Needlar can breath a concentrated stream of fire from his mouth.



ZF Goji-Maga

Needlar (back, right) along with Jikiro, Grotogauros, Goram, Gelderah, and Zandolla in Goji-Maga

Needlar along with Zone Fighter, the Garogas, and several other Terror-Beasts appeared in a volume of the fanmade manga, Goji-Maga.


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