Nemesis Prime is an extraterrestrial kaiju originally created by Jeremy Robinson in the Nemesis Saga series of novels, and later used by Simon Strange in the Colossal Kaiju Combat video game franchise. She made a brief cameo in American Gothic Press's comic miniseries adaptation of the first novel. Clones of Nemesis Prime, dubbed Neo-Primes, show up in Project Legion.


Nemesis Prime was an alien creature captured by the Aeros, a malevolent extraterrestrial empire, and converted into a living weapon for use against their enemies, the Ferox and the Atlantide. Augmented by genetic engineering and conditioned by torture to seek vengeance, Nemesis Prime was dispatched to Earth in ancient times, where she was worshipped as a goddess by the Ancient Greek civilization.

She was ultimately slain by the Atlantide mech Hyperion. Her corpse was buried in Alaska, but her body contained a clutch of eggs which later hatched into Drakon, Scrion, Karkinos, Typhon, and Scylla. When her desiccated corpse was discovered, some of her genetic material was injected into the clone of a murdered human girl named Maigo Tilly, causing her to metamorphose into the monster known as Nemesis.


Project Nemesis

Nemesis Prime's corpse appears in the opening segment of the comic miniseries Project Nemesis, an adaptation of the first novel in the Nemesis Saga.


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