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The December 2016 issue of Nikkei Science was released in December, 2016 and detailed an alternative continuity were Shin Godzilla continued to evolve while real life scientists were solving the origami of the film.

Content review

The movie Shin Godzilla was a great success. Based on real science, Hideaki Anno has created a work of fiction called "Godzilla", and it is appropriate to evaluate his different evolutions as a first class SF work.


While Godzilla was evolving; real life scientists were solving the origami presented in the movie.

Nakajima is the editor in chief of Nikkei Science.

Naganuma is a professor at the University of Hiroshima. His specialty is biological and marine biology, mainly with regards to extreme environments such as the deep sea, earth, polar, desert, mountainous regions, etc. He cooperated in the production of Shin Godzilla. At the end of September, Professor Naganuma returned from a research trip in the desert of Egypt and continued to investigate the highlands of South American Guiana.

Matsumoto is Associate Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Nuclear Institute of Science and Technology, Innovation / Environment / Social Sciences, Fusion, Science and Engineering, Nuclear Engineering Course). His specialty is radiation biology. He is studying the action and effect of radiation on the living body outright and the reaction and response to the radiation at the molecular level. He also cooperated in the production of Shin Godzilla.

Fujikura is a senior researcher (marine biodiversity research field) of the Japan Ocean Research and Development Organization (JAMSTEC). His specialty is to study the diversity and ecology of deepwater biological ecology, especially the deepwater chemical synthesis ecosystem.

Mitani is a professor at the University of Tsukuba (engineering field of the information system of the graduate system). He collaborated on the origami with folding bellows originated in, and was featured in Shin Godzilla. His specialty is CG (computer graphics) and digital manufacturing. Since 2005, he has been interested in origami and also creates software to draw origami evolution diagrams.

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