Pachimon (パチモン,   Pachimon?) is a series of vintage bromide trading cards made by Japanese company Yokopro (ヨコプロ,   Yokopuro?).


Pachimon was created by Yokopro in the 1970s, around the time kaiju were very popular in Japan. The card game features several 'Pachimon,' monsters often based on popular kaiju series such as Godzilla, Gamera and Ultraman, usually attacking famous cities or places.

The playing cards feature information on each monster, including its height, weight, and subtitle.

Although quite obscure, the Pachimon kaiju have garnered something of a cult following among Japanese collectors and otaku, which has resulted in vinyl figures (both official products and custom built independents), and fan-made video games and short films.


Playing cards




  • Several of the kaiju depicted on the Pachimon cards are modified pictures of kaiju from the Godzilla, Gamera, and Ultra franchises.
  • Some Pachimon cards took their visual sources from outside the Kaiju and Tokusatsu genres, including science books based on prehistoric animals and photographs of modern day ones. Jiatorima, Triceratops, and an unnamed 'mountain hugging' Komodo Dragon are some such examples.
  • There's a minority of Pachimon card creatures who appear to be fully original creations and connected designs. But these too *might* have also been taken / stolen from more obscure sources, like artwork from Kaiju picture books and science fiction magazines.
  • The ghastly character with the claws of the iconic "Ultraman" foe Baltan, the body of Antler (also from "Ultraman"), and donning an over-sized human skull for a head, was originally left nameless in its card debut, but would later be named 'Galtan (or 'Gaikotsubaltan') by the vinyl sculptor / producer Exohead, whom released such a figure in 2007.
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