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Peterson is one of the protagonists of the 1961 film, Reptilicus. Within the film's events, he's the night watchman of the aquarium.




Peterson is the new night watchman at the aquarium. Lise Martens. She is there to introduce the new night watchman

Next, a thunderstorm rolls in outside the aquarium at night and given that the establishing shot of the aquarium in the rain might be the worst miniature I have ever seen, we can finally begin to feel secure that we will finally be getting some monster action. Inside the aquarium, Dr. Dalby and Peterson are the only people on duty because that's a good idea and the storm knocks out the power. Dalby goes to check the phones, also down, and hears Reptilicus moving around inside the tank Hearing something, the inquisitive Dr. Peter Dalby goes out into the hallway to check on the tail. Seeing a huge shadow moving on the walls of the tank room, the (understandably) fearful Dalby runs back into the lab and tries to make a call, unaware that the phone-lines are down as well. Unable to get through, he wakes up Peterson and tells him to go fetch the police. Seeing Reptilicus shadow as well, Peterson runs outside and rides off on his bicycle, while Dalby takes a gun from his desk and walks down the hall towards the tank room.

Meanwhile, Peterson, arrives at the police station, interrupting a game of chess between the Officer Olsen and one of his men and tries to warn them of what's going on. After a cutaway shows Reptilicus rising up behind the aquarium, howling as he does, Peterson struggles to get the policemen to listen to him as he rambles about what happened and that the monster is up and moving around. It's only when he tells them that Dalby sent him to fetch them that they finally take him seriously and the Olsen grabs the phone.


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