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Balgaras on Planet Bulgar in Zone Fighter

Planet Bulgar is Balgaras' home planet. It first appears in the 1973 Toho tokusatsu series, Zone Fighter.


Zone Fighter

The Garogas, seeking to create a new Terro-Beast, utilised the barren Planet Bulgar to create the titanic monster Balgaras, and left it on the planet to grow and develop its skills. Later, the Garogas obtain Smokey, The Zone Family's spaceship with Zone Angel and Zone Junior still onboard, and transport it to the planet. Zone Fighter arrives to rescue Angel and Junior and defeat Balgaras. Zone and Balgaras clash, and Zone has trouble managing to fight against Balgaras' strange abilities. Eventually, after a long battle, Zone Fighter is successful, and leaves the planet with Angel and Junior to return to Earth.


Geographic points
Cities and settlements
TriStar series
Celestial bodies

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