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Princess Yuna is the Princess of the Atlanteans, who first appears in Rebirth of Mothra II.


Yuna reveals to the Elias that in order for Mothra Leo to defeat Dagahra, he must absorb the energy of the Atlantean treasure, who she then reveals to be the Ghogo. She later directs the Nilai-Kanai Temple's Guardian Towers against Dagahra to slow the kaiju down while the Elias and a group of Japanese children seek out Ghogo. After Aqua Mothra defeats Dagahra, she drops the beast's body on top of the temple, crushing it and causing it to sink into the ocean. Ultimately, her fate was left unknown.


Princess Yuna can shoot lightning from her hands, and is able to use telepathic and telekinetic skills. She can also command the Temple's towers to defend what remains of her kingdom, although these abilities may be defense programs assigned to her hologram.

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