Pteranodon is a extinct genus of large pterosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period. It is one of the most famous and well-known prehistoric reptiles from the time of the dinosaurs.

This genus of pterosaur has been featured in numerous science-fiction and giant monster films, and is the basis for the popular Toho kaiju, Rodan.


King Kong battling a Pteranodon in King Kong (1933)

A Pteranodon in The Last Dinosaur

King Kong (1933)

After defeating the cave serpent, King Kong followed Ann Darrow onto the cliff outside his lair, where she was attacked by a Pteranodon, which tried to carry her away. Kong attacked the pterosaur, freeing Ann. Jack Driscoll reached the cliff and rescued Ann while Kong battled the pteranodon. After killing the Pteranodon, Kong tried to pull Ann and Jack back up by the vine they were climbing down, only for them to jump into the river below and escape unharmed.

The Last Dinosaur

A flock of large Pteranodon were some of the creatures discovered during the Polar-Borer expedition. They were among the first surviving animals to be observed by the expedition crew.

Kong: The Animated Series

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Godzilla Dominion

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King Kong (1933)


King Kong (1933)



  • The kaiju Rodan is stated to be an irradiated pteranodon. Gyaos' design also appears to be influenced by Pteranodon and other Pterosaurs.
  • In an early draft of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, two Pteranodons would be featured in a scene set on Adonoa Island, where they battle Mechagodzilla. The female is killed, but the male is knocked unconscious and exposed to radiation and becomes Rodan. This draft also featured a flashback to the Cretaceous showing a Pteranodon battling a Godzillasaurus. The finished draft of the film features a Pteranodon skeleton and a robotic imitation, two remnants of this scrapped plot device.
  • In the the 2005 remake of King Kong, the Pteranodon is replaced by a swarm of Terapusmordax, giant man-eating bat creatures (actually rodents).
  • In the colorized version of the original King Kong, the Pteranodon is orange.

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