Pulgasari (プルガサリ:伝説の大怪獣? Purugasari: Densetsu no Daikaijū, Lit. Pulgasari: Monster of Legend) is a 1985 tokusatsu kaiju film produced by a North Korean film studio. It was released to North Korean theaters in 1985 and to Japanese theaters on July 4, 1998.


In feudal Korea, during the Goryeo Dynasty, a King controls the land with an iron fist, subjecting the peasantry to misery and starvation. An old blacksmith who was sent to prison creates a tiny figurine of a monster by making a doll of rice. When it comes into contact with the blood of the blacksmith's daughter after sticking herself with a pin wile repairing some clothes, the creature springs to life, becoming a giant metal-eating monster named Pulgasari. After he kills the king and fulfills his purpose, he becomes a nuisance, eating all of the farmers' iron tools to survive. But, Ami tricks Pulgasari into eating her by hiding in a iron gong, causing him to turn into a stone statue and crumble away.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by Shin Sang-ok and Chong Gon Jo
  • Written by Kim Se Ryun
  • Produced by Kim Jong-il and Shin Sang-ok
  • Music by So Jong Gon
  • Cinematography by Kenichi Eguchi, Cho Myong Hyon, and Sung Ho Pak
  • Edited by Ryon Sun Kim
  • Assistant Directing by Eiichi Asada and Chong Gon Jo
  • Special Effects by Duk Ho Kim, Teruyoshi Nakano, Chong Gil Pak, Eiji Shirokuma, and Nobuyuki Yasumaru
  • Assistant Director of Special Effects Osamu Kume


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Chang Son Hui as Ami
  • Ham Gi Sop as Inde
  • Jong-uk Ri as Ana
  • Gwon Ri as Takse
  • Gyong-ae Yu as Inde's Mother
  • Hye-chol Ro as Inde's Brother
  • Sang-hun Tae as Rebel Forces
  • Gi-chon Kim as Rebel Forces
  • In-chol Ri as Rebel Forces
  • Riyonun Ri as General Fuan
  • Yong-hok Pak as The King
  • Pong-ilk Pak as The Governor
  • Kenpachiro Satsuma as Pulgasari
  • Masao Fukazawa as Baby Pulgasari




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Alternate Titles

  • Bulgasari
  • Pulgasari: Monster of Legend (Purugasari: Densetsu no Daikaijū; Japan)
  • Zombi 34: The Communist Bull-Monster (زومبی 34: کمیونسٹ بل دانو; Pakistan)

Theatrical Releases

  • South Korea - 1985; July 22, 2000 (Re-Release)
  • Japan - July 4, 1998

Video Releases

GI Studios (2014)[1]

  • Released: February 16, 2014
  • Region: Region 1
  • Language: Korean
  • Format: Multiple Formats, Full Screen, Subtitled, NTSC
  • Other Details: 109 minutes run time, 1 disc

PR Studios (2014)[2]

  • Released: June 18, 2014
  • Region: Region 1
  • Language: Korean
  • Format: Multiple Formats, Full Screen, Subtitled, NTSC
  • Other Details: 109 minutes run time, 1 disc




  • The director of Pulgasari, Shin Sang-ok, was kidnapped in 1978 by North Korean intelligence on the orders of Kim Jong-il, son of the then-ruling Kim Il-sung.
  • The director of the film imported suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma (who portrayed Godzilla himself in Toho's Heisei series) to play Pulgasari.
    • In addition, Masao Fukazawa, the suit actor who played Minilla in the Showa era, was brought in to play Pulgasari's juvenile form.
    • When the film was finished, Kenpachiro was quoted as saying he preferred even Pulgasari to the American Godzilla.


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