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Queen Bitch
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Queen B

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Termite-like insect queen

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Godzilla 2

The Queen Bitch was the queen of a giant termite-like species of creatures from the canceled 1998 Godzilla sequel.


As the name suggests, Queen Bitch is the queen of the species and doesn't hesitate to feed on her own minions.

She is able to face off fleets of the army and has a powerful sting to paralyze Godzilla. Despite her size, she is able to fly and cross the ocean rather easily.

Queen Bitch seems to have some intellect to retreat when she is losing the situation.


Godzilla 2

Queen Bitch's birthplace is the "Monster Island" nearby Australia along with other monstrous insects.

Later, Queen Bitch would've nested and fought Godzilla Junior in Sydney, Australia, but would've lost the battle there and fled back to the Monster Island. She almost killed Runt (all thought Runt was killed), took Anna Charlton the heroine to the island, but would've been ultimately killed by Godzilla.


  • Queen Bitch's characteristics may resemble several other monsters in pre and post times such as Queen Bee from Godzilla: The Series and Megaguirus from the Godzilla Millennium series and Legion from the Gamera series.
  • The description of the Queen Bitch is similar to the female MUTO from the 2014 Legendary film; large insect-like creatures that threaten to breed out of control unless they are preyed upon by Godzilla and his species.
    • The script also mentions the Queen Bitch becoming enraged by the destruction of its eggs and attacking Nick who is then saved by Godzilla, an event that ended up transpiring in the 2014 film with Ford Brody with the female MUTO.[1]


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