Raiga is an aquatic creature from the 2009 kaiju parody film, Raiga: The Deep Sea Monster. The sequel to Deep Sea Monster Reigo vs Battleship Yamato.


When the film begins, Raiga is deep beneath the ocean battling a Giant Devil Bone Fish. After defeating the creature Raiga submerges and evidence of the battle washes ashore in the form of small devil bone fish. This discovery eventually leads to the JSDF getting paranoid about the existence of a monster. Their paranoia is well warranted as not much later Raiga rises from the depths to destroy Japan. The JSDF try to hold Raiga of without much luck. Eventually a second Raiga appears, and the two monsters have a duel. The original Raiga defeats the new Raiga and proceeds to mark his territory via urination on a burning building. After this Raiga presumably returns to the sea.



Raigas are very strong, capable of snapping the spines of another monster with ease.

Lightning Orbs

Raigas can use the orbs on their hands to generate massive amounts of lightning. If needed these can be used to throw giant balls of electricity or focus their bolts to a target.

Lightning Beam

Raigas can fire a lightning beam from their mouth.

Aquatic maneuverability

Raigas have excellent swimming capabilities, along with speed in the marine environment.


  • The film Raiga: The Deep Sea Monster is ment to be a comical parody of the Kaiju genre.
  • From the film it can be assumed that all members of the Raiga species have different colored energy. Red and Yellow being the only colors demonstrated thus far.
  • The Raiga suit appears to be heavily inspired by its predecessor Reigo.
  • In the film it is hinted that Raiga is perhaps an evolved version of Reigo.
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