Rebirth of Mothra Soundtrack
General Information
Composed by

Toshiyuki Watanabe



Production Information
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The soundtrack of Rebirth of Mothra was released in 1996, with music by Toshiyuki Watanabe.


  1. Main Title
  2. Super High Speed Battle
  3. The Beginning of the Great Journey
  4. The Guardian Goddess of the Beautiful Star
  5. The Mothra Song
  6. Battle of Sixty-Five Million Years Ago, Revisited
  7. Evil Beast of Destruction
  8. Pray with Me
  9. The Song of Prayer
  10. The Will of the Larvae
  11. The Battle with the Enemy of Life
  12. Get Back to the Ocean
  13. The Song of Prayer (Instrumental)
  14. Mothra Leo
  15. Emergence of a Saint
  16. Birth of the New Mothra
  17. Fight! In Order to Protect
  18. Sealed Away
  19. The Instant of Life
  20. Forever Friends
  21. End Title
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