The soundtrack of Rebirth of Mothra II was released in 1997, with music by Toshiyuki Watanabe.


  1. Opening Title
  2. At the Cape on the Coast
  3. The Meeting of the Little Girl and Ghogo
  4. To the World of Adventure
  5. To the World of Adventure II, Nilai-kanai
  6. The Legend Resurrected
  7. In Order to Save the World
  8. The Mothra Song
  9. Dagahra Arrives
  10. Prepared to Die
  11. The Mothra Song
  12. To the Ocean Floor
  13. Mothra, Desperate Situation
  14. Princess Yuna’s Theme
  15. Ghogo, Together with the Magnificent
  16. The Great, Miraculous Metamorphosis
  17. Great Battle at the Bottom of the Ocean
  18. The End of the Legend
  19. To the New Generation of Children

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