The Red Bamboo Fighter Jets are a fleet of stolen Shenyang F-6 Fighter Jets which are operated by the enemy organization Red Bamboo. They first faced Godzilla in the 1966 Godzilla film, Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.



After Godzilla had finished his bout with the Giant Condor, Red Bamboo decided to try and obliterate Godzilla before he could destroy their facility. To allow this to happen, their elite fleet of J-6s took to the skies. Rapid and innumerable, the stolen technology swarmed Godzilla, but ultimately their attempts to take down their foe were nothing short of pathetic. Godzilla grabbed some of the jets in his bare hands, crushing them to pieces. For the more persistent fighters, Godzilla swatted them out of the air with his tail. Finally, he destroyed the stragglers with blasts of his atomic breath. The stolen planes were reduced to scrap in a matter of minutes.


  • Can fire missiles and bombs from below their wings.
  • Can shoot bullets from wing-mounted 13-mm guns.


  • The Shenyang F-6 is a Chinese remodel of a Soviet Jet fighter called the MiG-19 Farmer. However, they are not put into service in large enough numbers to be stolen by Southeast Asia militants by 1966.
  • The coned air intake configuration on the Red Bamboo fighter resembles the design used by the [1], a variant never formally adopted by the Chinese military.
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