Red Spark (レッドスパーク,   Reddosupāku?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the first episode of Zone Fighter, Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!


Red Spark is an unusual chimeric creature which has characteristics from several different animals. He has a red, pig-like head with multi-coloured wings instead of ears, and a long, yellow horn extending from his forehead. He has green arms with red hands. The hands have long, gangly fingers and sharp thumbs facing backwards. His torso is bright red with bulbous spheres and yellow spikes covering it. Where his navel would be, a large cannon is present. Red Spark's legs are long and have flaps of skin just above them.


Zone Fighter

Red Spark was the first Terror-Beast to be deployed by the Garoga. He was created from the combined strength of two silver and one gold Garoga. Red Spark began smashing buildings and unleashing its chest cannon upon the city's refinery area. Wasting little time, Hikaru yelled out the words “Zone Double Fight!” and let the world have their first glimpse at the giant humanoid savior, Zone Fighter! Zone began Attacking with a flurry of punches and kicks. Regardless, Red Spark would not be defeated so easily and turned its chest cannon upon the hero. Adding the cannon with the molten and singeing sparks from its hands, he began to get the upper-hand. However, in the end it would prove to be insufficient and Red Spark was finished off with Zone Fighter's missile bracelets.


Red Spark has a cannon mounted on his chest which proved be very effective against Zone Fighter. He also has sharp tendrils on his hand and can fire off thousands of flares from his hands.

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