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We're really not gonna talk about it? You know, this is not normal, right? Stuff like that doesn't just happen! „ 

— Slivko

Reg Slivko is a soldier character created by Legendary Pictures who first appeared in the 2017 MonsterVerse film, Kong: Skull Island.


Kong: Skull Island

Reg Slivko is a young soldier from Detroit who is part of the expedition on Skull Island. He is first seen talking to Earl Cole, Glenn Mills and Joe Reles at an army base. On the expedition to Skull Island, he is the co-pilot of the helicopter taking James Conrad and Mason Weaver. After Kong attacked the helicopters, Slivko, Conrad and Weaver regroup with scientists Houston Brodohi, San Lin and Landsat Employee Victor Nieves. They set out to find the others, during the journey they encounter a Sker Buffalo, Slivko panicked and was preparing to shoot it until Conrad lowered his gun.

They then encounter the natives which point spears at them until Hank Marlow stop them, he then takes them to the village, where he talks to them about Kong and Skull island. He even played his portable record player, playing songs during their stay, he talks to Marlow while fixing the Ploat (Plane+Boat). They then regroup with Preston Packard and his team, there they come upon a graveyard. During an attack by the Skull Crawlers, Slivko is knocked out, but Conrad saves him. Later they find Chapman's dog tags. He joined Packard's group in order to kill Kong, however Conrad, Weaver, and Marlow came to stop them after Kong was wounded.

Marlow was able to convince him that killing Kong was wrong, so he was the first to turn on Packard. He then retreated with the others when Ramarak rose from the water, as Packard stayed behind intending to kill himself along with Kong. Slivko, Conrad, Mills, Marlow, and Reles (Kong crushed Packard and Cole sacrificed himself) made it to the Ploat safely while Kong battled Ramarak. Slivko survived Skull Island.

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Kong: Skull Island
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