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Release Gaia-Net! (ガイアネット解放!,   Gaianetto Kaihoō!?) is the eighteenth episode of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


The episode begins with Zodiac releasing a cloud over the city that disrupts electronic devices, the magnetic field, and changes the flow of rivers. The cloud quickly dissipates, but not after attracting the attention of the people. The protagonists watch the coverage of the event (that is now being written off as a weather event) as Zodiac discusses further plans with his only remaining scientist. The scientist begins to inform Zodiac of three "Key Items" similar to his tablet (The Sword of the Seven Stars, The Shinjukiyo, a mirror, and the Ryusuisho, a crystal ball) that when put into the Gaia-Net, will put earth off its axis and destroy the human race. At that point, Zodiac summons the upgraded Dragos, now called Rudra, to seek out the Ryusuisho that is being used at a hidden dojo that was seen in an earlier episode. Meanwhile, Gou Kazama and Takeo Shiroishi are headed to that same place. On the way up the mountain they encounter the dojo's students who lead them the rest of the way. When they reach the dojo, the dojo master, Jimyo, and Dr. Shiroishi tell the protagonists of the Fallah artifacts, while at Zodiac's headquarters the scientist tells Zodiac the same thing. Outside, Rudra and a group of Fangs approach the dojo sanctuary, but they are unable to pass the invisible barrier surrounding it until Rudra destroys it with an energy blast. After this, the dojo students attack the intruders and quickly dispatch the Fangs, but they are unable to land a blow on Rudra who defeats them almost instantly. At this time, Jimyo has led Gou to a shrine in the forest. Jimyo does a chant and the shrine opens to reveal the Shinjukiyo, which he keeps on his person to protect. Gou then rushes to fight Rudra. They battle for a while before Gou transforms into Guyferd, but shortly after that Rudra's Falcon Claw technique blasts Guyferd away. As he struggles to maintain consciousness, Rudra prepares another attack, but the energy blast is dissipated by Jimyo. Rudra fires another energy blast as Jimyo is preparing his and the Shinjukiyo flies out of his clothes and falls near Rudra's feet. With newfound strength Guyferd charges at Rudra and fights impressively until Rudra is defeated, but the Shinjukiyo is lost to Zodiac. After the battle Gou, Shiroishi, and the students tend to the dying Jimyo who gives Gou a magatama pendant before passing.


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