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Ren Serizawa is the son of Monarch scientist Ishiro Serizawa. He first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong, as the secondary human antagonist.


Not much is currently known about Ren's personality, though it can be assumed that he had jealousy issues, specifically with his father.


Ishiro Serizawa

From Ren's persepctive, Ishiro never gave him time due to his 'obsession' with Godzilla. Despite this, Ren worshipped his father and hoped that he would one day reconcile with him, the way Ishiro had reconciled with his own father before his death.[1]

Walter Simmons

As the CEO of Apex Cybernetics, Ren seemingly respected Walter Simmons as his superior and complied with everything he said. Walter also seems to very fond of Ren as both a protégé and partner. However, when Walter wished to use the Hollow Earth energy on Mechagodzilla shortly after they acquired it, Ren intially protested since they had no idea of its possible side effects on the robot. However, Walter insisted Ren to pilot Mechagodzilla immediately due to being completely out of options how to stop Godzilla from destroying the base. Ren reluctantly followed through, which might have cost him his life.

The novelization reveals that Ren intended to kill Walter shortly after he was able to attain complete control of Mechagodzilla.


Godzilla vs. Kong

As Godzilla approaches the Apex Cybernetics facility in Pensacola, Florida, Ren is seen gazing the Titan from afar before he evacuates on a helicopter with Walter Simmons.

Ren and Walter eventually seek out geologist Nathan Lind, asking for his help in seeking out an energy in the Hollow Earth that can fuel a weapon capable of stopping Godzilla. They also present the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle so that a successful entry is possible.

At Apex headquarters in Hong Kong, Ren pilots Mechagodzilla as it successfully bisects an adult Skullcrawler with its proton scream. However, they need the energy from the Hollow Earth as an infinite sustenance for the mecha. When Maia Simmons successfully extracts a sample of the energy, Ren warns Walter about possible side effects in may have on Mechagodzilla. Knowing that Godzilla would destroy the base, Walter insists on start piloting, Ren reluctantly follows through.

As Ren starts to pilot Mechagodzilla with the Hollow Earth energy, the influx prompts Ghidorah's consciousness to override the systems and subsequently electrocutes Ren, possibly killing him.

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