Reptilicus was the titular antagonist in the 1961 giant monster film of the same name. It was a giant dragon-like creature with the ability to regenerate from a single body part.



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The Reptilicus was uncovered by Danish miners and eventually regenerated due to mishandling of its remaining body part. Having been dubbed "Reptilicus" by a professor, it then goes on a long winded rampage, before succumbing to a sedative developed by scientists. It's then killed by a rocket launcher, and in the aftermath of the attack, is implied to be able to regenerate as a piece of its body is seen sinking into the ocean in the film's final shot.



The creature was durable to weaponry used against it in the film.

Regenerative Properties

The creature had amazing regenerative abilities, having been able to reform itself from a small portion of its former body, in the case of the film's events, its tail. It's also implied the creature will reform itself from one of its feet that was blown off in combat before its death.

Acidic Spit

It was able to clumsily and inaccurately spit acid.


Heat-based attacks

The monster retreated from flamethrowers, showing it was vulnerable to heat-based attacks.


The Reptilicus was subdued and eventually killed as a sedative was used to incapacitate it.


  • The special effects team used a wired marionette to bring the monster to life.
  • A comic adaptation of Reptilicus was made by Charlton Comics and lasted for two issues, with the first issue retelling the story of the film and the second issue a sequel which sees a new Reptilucus regenerate in the jungles of Africa. However, when the license for Reptilicus lapsed, Charlton continued the rest of the comic series with a modified version of the monster called Reptisaurus.

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