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Guyferd Dies!
The Warrior of Darkness Lives Again

Resurrection! (復活!,   Fukkatsu!?) is the twenty-third episode of Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd.


The episode picks up in the riverbed where Gou Kazama met his end. Django commands a small group of Fangs and Rei Kujou tries to go and face him, but she is held back by Takeo Shiroishi. Django reports his victory and is given orders to find the others, who at this time are carefully fleeing the scene. In the surrounding forest, the protagonists have a heartfelt discussion and Shiroishi is given hope and enthusiasm by it. They continue to walk through the woods, but Shiroishi trips and falls. Rei goes back to help him, but during this time, Yuu Kujou and the woman accompanying them are captured by Django. Yuu activates his tracking device and Gou Kazama is shown to be lying unconscious in a dimension of red stone at sunset. Rei and Shiroishi use the radar technology they had brought with them and Yuu's dropped laptop to trace Yuu to a trailer 700 meters away. While interrogating the boy, Django discovers Yuu's tracking device, but does nothing about it. Rei and Shiroishi carry out a successful rescue operation and travel to a cave where they are ambushed by Fangs. Rei, Yuu, and the other woman fight the Fangs, but are approached and taken down by Django. After commercial, Gou is wakened by an apparition of his former Kennoryu teacher, Jimyo, who died at the start of the third saga. During this time, Django has taken the protagonists to a snowy region where they question his motives but are met with sarcastic responses. After a more in depth talk with his sensei, Gou is revived and almost immediately performs a Kyouksouken transformation with the magatama pendant Jimto had given him at the time of his death. It is then revealed that the Guyferd state is restored. Django had just chosen to kill Rei first when Guyferd appears behind him ready for a rematch. Django sends a group of Fangs at him, and Guyferd destroys the gauntlet with new-found vigor. Guyferd attacks Django and has the upper hand for some time until Django binds Guyferd's arms and begins to drain him once again, but Guyferd is able to use this energy against him and defeat him. At Crown headquarters it is revealed that the Ryusuisho has disappeared (as it is now on Guyferd's belt). This leads to Zodiac learning of his return. Gou himself has a tearful reunion with his friends and they all return to the city. the episode ends with the heroes being watched by a Crown camera sphere, but it is grabbed from the air and crushed beneath the foot of an un-revealed figure.


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