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Revoltech is a toy line that has released figures for Godzilla, Gamera and other franchises. All figures are released under the Revoltech Sci-Fi subline.

Toho Figures

Baragon 1965

The Baragon figure comes with a farmhouse, nameplate, and horse.

Mothra 1961

The Mothra figure comes with a nameplate, Tokyo Tower in half, a cocoon, and a stand.

Moguera 1957

The Moguera figure comes with a Mysterian, forest bases, a nameplate, and a Markalite Cannon.

Gigan 1972

The Gigan figure comes with a nameplate and buildings.

Anguirus 1968

The Anguirus figure comes with a mini Moonlight SY-3.

Rodan 1956

The Rodan figure comes with a building that can be destroyed.

Kadokawa Figures

Gamera 1967

The Gamera figure comes with multiple beam weapons and parts for Gamera's flying mode.

Gamera 1995

The Heisei Gamera figure comes with a fireball and flying rockets.

Gamera 1996

The Gamera 1996 figure comes with a fireball and his chest cannon.

Gyaos 1967

The Gyaos figure comes with a small Gamera figure and a beam affect.

Gyaos 1995

The Gyaos figure comes with a stand for flying.


The Legion figure comes with a flying Gamera and small Legion drones.


The Daimajin figure comes with multiple accessories that include armor and swords.

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