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Hollow Earth Rock Critters are large arthropod-like vertebrate[3] kaiju created by Legendary Pictures that first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong.


The creature as it appears in the art book.

In-universe, the creatures are unnamed currently, as they are not mentioned in dialogue in Godzilla vs. Kong. In the film's novelization, they are simply called "crab-creatures." They are given the nickname "Rock Critters" by creature designer Ken Barthelmey.[1] The artbook likewise refers to them by this nomenclature.

The film's English audio description identifies them as "arachno-claws", which are the creature from the 2005 film King Kong. However, according to visual effects artist Xander Smith, they have no official name.[4] They are given the nickname as "Rock Crabs" in PUBG Mobile's Godzilla event.[5] However, they are also nicknamed "Lava Crabs".



In terms of general appearance, the Hollow Earth Rock Critters resemble giant spiders, albeit heavily armored with small faces and long fingers that mimic the shape of pincers. Their carapaces resemble rocks, most likely evolved as a form of camouflage. Despite their arachnoid theme, they are vertebrates according to Xander Smith,[3] as they have a ribcage and shoulder blades.[6]


All the Rock Critters are portrayed by CGI.


Hollow Earth Rock Critters likely evolved within the Hollow Earth. They appear to inhabit the open plains of the subterranean ecosystem, camouflaging against the ground until disturbed. They are likely prey items for many of the predatory species in the Hollow Earth, such as Hollow Earth lizards.


Godzilla vs. Kong

A Hollow Earth Rock Critter is devoured by a Hollow Earth lizard

As Kong traverses the Hollow Earth, he nearly tramples a group of Hollow Earth Rock Critters as they are camouflaging against the ground. Disturbed, the creatures get up to move away, but one is snatched up and eaten by a Hollow Earth lizard.

As Kong continues running, groups of Hollow Earth Rock Critters can be seen scattering.

In the novelization of the film, the pack of Rock Critters are attacked by several Hollow Earth lizards instead of just one.



As seemingly prey animals, the Hollow Earth Rock Critters have evolved a rock-like carapace that allows them to camouflage against the ground, shielding them from predators.

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