The Rodan (ラドン,   Radon?) of the Final Wars continuity is a giant pteranodon kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 2004 film, Godzilla: Final Wars.


Like previous versions, the Japanese name of Rodan, "Radon," is a contraction of "pteranodon". The spelling of Radon in Japanese also corresponds to the name of Ladon, the dragon-like monster represented in Greek Mythology. In the United States, the monster's name was changed to and trademarked as "Rodan."



The FinalRodan (ファイナルラド,   FainaruRado?) design is similar to the 1956 Rodan, but with more pronounced arms and a somewhat similar skin-color to Fire Rodan. He also features a longer neck and legs.

Unlike the original Rodan, Rodan in Final Wars has fingers at the end of the arms, with the first digit being smaller rather than being equally the same length as the other finger digits. The horn are much less jagged, but slant upwards.


Rodan was portrayed with a suit and computer generated imagery.


Rodan's roar sounds like a mix between bird screeches and jets, beginning with a shrieking tone and then deepens to a more intense shriek.


Rodan is one of the many monsters used by the Xiliens in their campaign to conquer the Earth. Aside from Rodan appearing to be a mutated pteranodon like the original Showa series, Rodan's origins in Godzilla: Final Wars are unknown.


Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars

Rodan in Godzilla: Final Wars

In Godzilla: Final Wars, Rodan is used as a weapon of destruction by the Xiliens via mind control. He first appears wreaking havoc in the city of New York, utilizing his famed supersonic abilities to destroy buildings and evade attacks from the Rumbling, a high-tech warship, before devastating the city. Later, as Godzilla neared Tokyo, Rodan, Anguirus and King Caesar were deployed in the Japanese countryside by the Xilien UFOs α, ß and γ. Despite putting up an impressive effort against Godzilla, Rodan was eventually knocked unconscious, like both his allies. Out of the monsters fought, Rodan, Anguirus and King Caesar are the only ones Godzilla did not kill.


Flight speed

Rodan's most noticeable trait is his flying speed, which has allowed him to effortlessly outmaneuver and outrun supersonic jets at speeds of Mach 3 (2301.81 mph). In flight, hea leaves destructive shockwaves in his path, which he has used to devastate the city of New York.


  • Originally, Toho planned to film a scene where Godzilla destroyed Rodan and the other kaiju, but it was cut due to the fact that the fight scene was one of the first scenes filmed. Toho needed the costumes to film in other parts of the movie, and destroying them and making new costumes would interfere with the movie's budget, so the sequence was never filmed.

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