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Within a Monarch containment facility atop the active Isla de Mara volcano, a mysterious Titan lies in pyrostasis within the restless magma. The legends speak of it as the “Fire Demon” or “The One Born of Fire”, but a simpler name echoes through the ancient temples of volcanically active regions: “Rodan”. „ 

— Monarch Sciences description


Godzilla King of the Monsters - Rodan poster - Clear keyart

The Fire Demon
The One Born of Fire
King of the Skies
A Titan of Winged Fury

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Titanus Rodan




154 feet


39,043 tons


871 feet

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Jason Liles (motion capture)

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Kong: Skull Island (cameo)

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The Rodan (ラドン,   Radon?) of the MonsterVerse, also dubbed Titanus Rodan, is a prehistoric flying reptile daikaiju created by Legendary Pictures that will appear in the studio's upcoming 2019 film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


Rodan's original name, 'Radon', is based on Pteranodon. The spelling of Radon in Japanese also corresponds to the name of Ladon, the dragon-like monster represent in Greek Mythology.



According to the cave paintings, Rodan bears a much closer resemblance to actual pterosaurs than his other incarnations (except for the anime version). In the film itself, this incarnation of Rodan has a larger wingspan compared to any of his interpretations, with a fiery glow coating the bottom edge. His physique and general appearance bear a strong resemblance to a bird of prey, with dark-red skin, a v-split crest with the ends curling inward. He lacks teeth, much like the Showa and Millenium incarnations, though his beak has a serrated look to it, giving the illusion of teeth. He also retains the spade-shaped tail from his 1956, Showa, and 2004 incarnations. His eyes are yellow and rather cat-like.  He still retains spikes on his chest, though, compared to other incarnations, they are smaller and less defined. 


This Rodan's portrayal is undefined.


The roar of Rodan is very similar to his classic roar albeit higher-pitched and more avian-sounding.


While not fully revealed yet, Monarch Sciences designates Rodan's behavior as that of a destroyer, implying an aggressive nature. He is seen destroying jets and other aircraft that fly near him, but whether this is done out of defense or pure malice is debatable. Dougherty also described Rodan as "a bit of a rogue... you never quite know where his loyalties lie".


Within a Monarch containment facility atop the active Isla De Mara volcano, a mysterious Titan lies in pyrostasis within the restless magma. The legends speak of it as the "Fire Demon" or "The One Born of Fire", but a simpler name echoes through the ancient temples of volcanically active regions: "Rodan".

A volcanic internal combustion system of magma flows throughout a body covered in rock-like scales that act as geothermal armor. While much larger in size, Rodan has a skeletal structure similar to that of a Pteranodon - one of the earliest vertebrates known to have developed the power of flight. Just as Kong is the king of the primates, Rodan may have once been the king of the skies.

Because of the extreme temperatures within this particular containment facility, current lab equipment can't function properly. As a result, thermal heat signatures on the creature are impossible to collect, and Monarch detection crews conducted cardiograms via aerial satellite for life sign detection and verification. Much like the volcano that incubates it, Rodan is alive but dormant.

Rodan's wings are wrapped around its body in stasis, but our cryptos estimate a wingspan big enough to create a sonic thunderclap capable of leveling entire cities as it flies overhead. RF-Capture scans reveal that Rodan's skin is not made of rock, but does have an outer dermis of sharp volcanic sediment collected from centuries of dormancy. Sci-ops theorizes the vulcanized appearance of its skin may be an evolutionary trait developed as a form of camouflage against mountain or large rock formations. Truly, a Titan forged in fire.

— Cryptid Profile


80px-Spoiler.png SPOILER WARNING: This section may contain major plot and/or ending details. Proceed at your own discretion.

Kong: Skull Island

In 1971, Houston Brooks and San Lin would brief James Conrad and Mason Weaver on multiple other monsters who ruled the world alongside Kong. This included Rodan, along with Godzilla, Mothra, and Ghidorah, who were shown to the two via classified Monarch cave paintings.


Under the guise of "environmental research", a Monarch team established a quarantine zone around the dormant volcano on Isla de Mara. Over the years, the zone grew from a small scientific outpost into a full containment facility around the mouth of the volcano.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla King of the Monsters - Official Trailer 1 - 00024

Rodan in Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Rodan is confirmed to appear in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, along with Godzilla, Mothra, and Ghidorah on May 31, 2019.[1]


Bio-volcanic Nature

Rodan possesses an internal volcanic combustion system which gives him pyrokinetic abilities. The fire radiating off of Rodan's body can reach up to 1200°C.


Rodan's rock-like scales allow him to blend in with mountains and rock formations.

Cyclonic Drift Streams

At top speeds, Rodan's massive wings are powerful enough to create a sonic thunderclap that can level entire cities as he flies overhead.


Due to his geothermal armor, Rodan is able to completely shrug off bullets from rifles and hibernate inside an active volcano for centuries. He can even withstand the full force of Ghidorah's body.

Fire Breath

Rodan is able to shoot fire from his mouth.


Despite being much larger in size, Rodan has a skeletal structure similar to that of a Pteranodon, and thus, is capable of fast, long-distance flight that allows to keep up with fighter jets.


  • The height of Rodan is somewhat smaller than the original Rodan in Showa era, however it is possible that Rodan's height could be a matter of posture whether or not to be forward‐bent.
    • This Rodan is the first of its incarnations with wider wingspan than that of Mothra within the same continuities.
  • As seen on the Monarch Sciences website, Monarch Outpost 56, where Rodan is contained homages 1956, the year when Rodan was released.

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