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This Rodan (ラドン,   Radon?) is the first Rodan of the Singular Point continuity, and the second in the Reiwa era of the franchise as well as being the first Rodan to appear as a species. It made its debut in the 2021 Netflix-exclusive animated series, Godzilla Singular Point.


Rodan's Japanese name, Radon, is a truncation of "Pteranodon". The name was changed to "Rodan" in English-speaking markets, and eventually trademarked by Toho as the monster's official English name.

The second episode in the anime revealed the creature emitted radiation, caused by radon found in its body tissue.[1] This leads to the Japanese press and news anchors dubbing the monster as "Radio Wave Monster" (電波怪獣 Denpa Kaijū), or "Radon" for short.

The Rodans that are depicted in the "Koshira" mural are given the name "Tengu Rodan", likening them to the Tengu, an avian demon from Japanese mythology.



The original form of Rodan retains the character's core design traits, being a giant red pterosaur with dark plated spikes on its chest. However, this Rodan much more closely resembles real-life pterosaurs, in terms of its bodily proportions. Its large head and anatomy are similar to that of Quetzalcoatlus and it walks on its wings. Its body is patterned with linear blotches of white outlined in yellow, running down from a single Pteranodon-like crest down to a Rhamphorhynchus-like tail with the tip looking like One of fins of Godzilla Ultima. Rodan possesses a large upward-curving beak similar to a Dsungaripterus, the inside of which is completely filled with five rows of sharp teeth that are partially exposed when its mouth is closed. The upper beak's rostral areas and its lower beak have blue scales that run down to the blue dewlap on its neck. It has blue fins on its forehead, back, and tail, with vein-like red structures running through each, similar to those on Godzilla Ultima.

The Rodan in the second episode

The second form[1] of Rodan is smaller than previously, with an angular shape, a short tail, and a pointed gray beak with two bottom rows of narrow teeth and twin nasal crests above, making it reminiscent of Pteranodon. Its color scheme is muted, unlike the previous Rodan, with brown scales, beige-white blotch patterns, and a red dewlap. The scaly parts of the beak are now narrow and flesh-colored, running toward its eye, akin to a bird's lore. Its armored beak seems to extend to the character's traditional twin crests on the top of its head.

These Rodans resemble the ones shown in an apparently ancient depiction of Goshira; multiple Rodans are seen, depicted in a style of the mythological Tengu.

In the anime's tenth episode, a massive Rodan rivaling the size of a vehicle appears. Despite resembling the second form, its body has a loftier build and a pitch black monochrome coloration, with the blotches much dimmer and patterned with bright speckles or flints, additionally emitting a smoke-like substance around itself. The narrow cavity on its face is now pale gray. Additionally, it is seen generating what appears to be heat from its mouth.


The Rodans' first form utilize the Showa and Heisei Rodan roars. The second form has a roar similar to the classic Rodan, but with a higher pitch as though it is hissing.

The giant Rodan utilizes parts of Showa roar combined with buzzing sounds.


The initial appearance of Rodan was shown to be incautious and fickle about its environment. The first Rodan that perched on the top of a billboard was content with watching the town but fell due to collapsing on its own weight. It has shown an inquisitive side, as it momentarily examined Yun without lunging at him and played with the severed head of Jet Jaguar after fighting it, although Rodan immediately lost interest and changed focus when the item doesn't move or react. In spite of this, when it detects things that move or make sounds, Rodan will target the source, such the case when Jet Jaguar riled it to fighting, and when the Rodan actively attacked vehicles and civilians that were producing loud noises.

The second type of Rodan is more direct and territorial, as they attacked any human that came in their path while releasing hostile screeches. In greater numbers, Rodans are focused on direction, following tight flocking patterns to coordinate form a mass flock toward their targeted destination. This close-minded drive also assists them in forming swarms for deadly attacks. However, they are shown to have a passionate attraction to noise and radio waves and are bewitched to follow it. The Rodans have an undefined relationship with Godzilla, where the monster seemingly tolerates their presence while the Rodan are flying next to it.

The third type of Rodan however, seen to have a more aggressive behavior compare to the two other types and is willing to go as far as attacking Godzilla, before it was shot down and was killed in the process.


It is unknown where this creature came from, although this Rodan seems to be a species rather than a single entity, due to the kaiju emerging as multiple individuals shortly after the first Rodan appeared in the Chiba prefecture. Rodans have no genetic relationship to any organisms that exists on Earth and contain the Red Dust on their bodies, leading scientists to speculate that the kaiju are extraterrestrial life, with their different forms representing the creatures' accelerated evolution. The "Tengu Rodan" that appear inside the "Koshira" mural from feudal Japan also suggests that the species had appeared in a previous point in time under similar circumstances.

Each flock of Rodan had emerged from the seas attracted to a radio signal emitted by the skeleton of a previous Godzilla, suggesting their presence is tied to Godzilla.


Godzilla Singular Point


A single Rodan appeared flying in the Chiba prefecture during the Summer Monster Festival. Perching on a billboard until it collapsed under the kaiju's weight, the Rodan fell to the ground, landing nearby several fleeting humans as it got up; in front if it was Yun Arikawa helping a child and the Rodan began approaching them.


The Rodan confronts Yun, when Jet Jaguar, piloted by Goro Otaki, comes to his aid. The two battle, with the Rodan gaining the upper hand by ripping Jet Jaguar's arm off and overpowering it, forcing Goro out of the mech. The Rodan chases Goro, until Yun directs Jet Jaguar to do a dance to distract and combat the Rodan. After defeating the mech once more, the kaiju begins attacking vehicles and chasing onlookers. Yun makes enough noise using a wrench to get its attention, causing the Rodan to chase him. Goro suddenly drives a truck right at Rodan, giving Jet Jaguar enough time to reprogram and resume its attack on Rodan. Rodan begins flying away, but several feet in the air, it screeches in panic and wails painfully, before dying and plummets to the ground.

The Rodan's corpse is examined by the authorities, where they learn the body was emitting traces of radon. In the days after its encounter, more Rodan carcasses are discovered drifting to the shore. Meanwhile, in the ocean, a pair of fishermen witness a flock of evolved Rodans fly out of a red-colored tide heading towards toward Japan.


Following their emergence from the ocean, the Rodan flock begins attacking multiple coastal cities across Japan, drawn to the radio waves generated they emitted. Goro, Yun, and Haberu Kato attempt to lure the flock away using the waves emitted by the Gyro Z; initially, they successfully attract a group of Rodan to the outskirts of town but crash when an overturned bus blocked the road. To escape the Rodans, Goro hides inside the truck alongside a school girl and the driver, while Yun and Haberu hide in an off-road shelter alongside another school girl and two others. One of the Rodans, detecting a radio inside the bus, smashes its head through the driver's window and destroys the radio before entering the bus itself and investigates. While hiding from the Rodan, the school girl offers to distract it with her archery bow, but more Rodans surround the bus before they can proceed with the idea. Before Goro reluctantly tries to shoot the Rodan inside the bus, Yun cuts some water bottles and has the school girl with him shoot them in the distance with arrows, creating the precise noise to distract the Rodans long enough for him and Haberu to reach the Gyro before they resume luring the Rodans once again.

The two eventually amass up a swarm of the Rodans; by the time the Gyro begins running out of power, the Rodans once again emit pained screeches and drop dead, subsequently neutralizing the swarm.


With most of Rodans deceased, their carcasses are gathered by the Japanese authorities to be either disposed of or shipped off for research. While some Rodans are still alive and try to attack the workers, they are quickly killed by the staff. One of these corpses is stolen and eaten by Anguirus.


A second wave of Rodans begin attacking coastal cities across the Pacific Rim.


In New York City, a large flock of Rodans invade and overwhelm the citizens while emitting large amounts of red dust.


Swarms of Rodans start manifesting internationally, attacking major cities across the globe and infesting them with the red dust that force civilians to wear masks.


During their occupation of Tokyo, several Rodans are caught in a wave of energy released by Godzilla Amphibia. The corpses of the Rodan victims are recovered by the military while Godzilla incubates in its cocoon.


In London, another flock of Rodans target the evacuating civilians caught in a traffic jam. While Makita, Mei and Li are trying to help the citizens escape, a darker Rodan confronts Li and it summons the rest of the flock, who start gathering into a vortex-like formation with the red dust and descend on Li while Mei can only watch in horror.


As Godzilla Terrestris continue its rampage through Tokyo, a larger, shadow-like Rodan emerges from the buildings and charges at the Kaiju, only for Godzilla to kill it with a concentrated mouth-beam. As the Rodan falls somewhere in the red dust cloud, the JSDF unsuccessfully try to locate its corpse but are impeded by Godzilla.


The Rodans were seen flying with Godzilla Ultima as he passes through Tokyo. A Rodan in its first form is seen roosting in the bay when the Otaki Factory group arrive in Japan. The Rodan spots them and lunges at their boat, as Jet Jaguar launches itself at the creature, briefly fighting in the water before the Rodan is finally killed by a thrust from the mecha's spear.


A few Rodans chased a group of soldiers around the ruins. As they circled for the kill, Jet Jaguar intervened and killed four of them which causes the others to retreat.


As the Otaki crew prepared to end Godzilla once and for all, a flock of Rodans attacked them. A giant flock chased Yun and Jet Jaguar soon after, Jet managed to kill several but they kept on coming. Before the flock could finish them, they are stopped as they had gotten too close to Godzilla Ultima which they proceed to call him for help. Godzilla, who was awoken by the disturbance however, proceeded to fire his atomic breath, completely vaporizing the flock. It is unknown as to what happened to the Rodans after Godzilla was defeated.



Rodans posses extreme strength which was shown by one of the Rodans that fought off Jet Jaguar, and was enough to nearly destroy the robot. A flock of Rodans were able to knock over an entire bus down with ease.

Resilience and Stamina

One Rodan was shown to be able to withstand multiple hits from the prototype Jet Jaguar.

Flock Hunting

Rodans hunted in flocks and were also able to work together to help one another. At one point, they gathered into a massive red swarm reminiscent of a hurrican to overwhelm their targets.

Underwater Breathing

Rodans posses gill-like organs in their bodies that allows them to breathe underwater.


Red dust dependency

Rodans seem to rely on the presence of red dust in order to survive in a reality. Large amounts of red dust by the Rodan allowed their numbers to swell, and rendered them immune to the radio and sound waves that affected them previously. Without red dust, they start releasing heat through their bodies, which is hot enough to burn a person when they make physical contact with them, and too much exertion on themselves leads to a risk of overheating, as seen when an individual flew up to the air then died. The large-scale deaths for the following wave was speculated to be due to the same principle by the researchers.

Sound and Radio Waves

Rodans are attracted to radio waves and noises of a certain pitch, and will follow them unquestioningly. This can be used against them, such as when Yun Arikawa had high-school student use arrows tipped with punctured water bottles to distract them and lead them away from a bus, or when a special radio signal emitter was used to lead a large flock of them away from the city, leading to the aforementioned scenario. However, these methods became ineffective after a vast amount of the red dust was spread over the area the Rodans inhabited.


  • The Rodans' secondary form was intially labeled as its adult phase,[2] which was later changed for unknown reasons.
  • The Rodans are the only monsters in the series to appear in all thirteen episodes.



This is a list of references for Rodan (Singular Point continuity). These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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