Ryota Kane is a protagonist in the 1966 Godzilla film Ebirah, Horror of the Deep.


Showa Era

Ebirah, Horror of the Deep

Ryota is a young Shintoist man who seeks his missing brother Yata, but to find Yata, Ryota requires a boat. To get a boat, Ryota tried to enter a dance competition, but arrived too late to enter. At the competition hall, Ryota meets Nita and Ichino, to recently eliminated young people. they discuss their need of a boat, and travel to the local port to look at boats. Nita and Ichino take Ryota on board a one of them, only to find that the owner is still aboard. He holds the trio at gunpoint, but eventually decides to let them stay the night on his boat. During the night, Ryota decides that Yoshimura's kindness was a gift of the gods, and sets the boat to sail to search for his brother. Eventually the ship is attacked by Ebirah and is destroyed. The group awakens onthe shores of Devil's Island, where they discover a group of terrorists called the Red Bamboo. A captive of the Red Bamboo named Daiyo joins their group and they all take shelter in a cave, where they find a dormant Godzilla. Daiyo reveals that she in an Infant Islander, who reveals that his brother Yata is alive and has been living on infant island for the past month. The group later leaves the cave to infiltrate the Red Bamboo's base. They successfully make it in, but Ryota and Nita are captured. Nita is taken prisoner, but Ryota manages to float away on a balloon. Ryota eventually floats to Infant Island where he is reunited with his brother. The two then travel by boat back to Devil's Island to rescue the Infant Islander slaves. The two begin to make their way back to the shelter cave, only to discover that in Ryota's absence Godzilla had awakened. Ryota helps to free the captive islanders and attempt to stop the nuclear bomb that has been set to explode on the island, but to no avail. Yoshimura realisez that their only hope is Mothra, who comes to save the islanders and the protagonists.

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