"Who Will Know" is a theme that plays during the introduction of Godzilla's atomic breath, midway through the film Shin Godzilla, and is featured on the soundtrack for the film.

This theme is a mix of the themes "Who Will Know (24_Bigslow_strings)" and "Who Will Know (Tragedy)", taking the intro motif from the former piece and then transitioning into the Tragedy portion, with lyrics and a set of background vocalists.


Phrases that are italicized indicate background lyrics being sung in tandem with the main lyrics.

If I die in this world, who will know something of me.
I am lost, no one knows, there's no trace of my yearning.

If I die in this world, who will know something of me.
But I must carry on. Nothing worse can befall.

I am lost, no one knows, there's no trace of my yearning.
All my fears, all my tears, tell my heart there's a hole.

I wear a void, not even hope. A downward slope is all I see.

I wear a void.
As long as breath comes from my mouth.

Not even hope.
I may yet stand the slightest chance.

A downward slope.
A shaft of light is all I need.

Is all I see.
To cease the darkness killing me.

Alternate versions

  • For the 2017 Shin Godzilla vs. Evangelion Symphony concert, the film version of this track was performed. Yoko Takahashi (singer of the opening theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion) performed as the solo soprano. A second version, titled Who will know - furusato, was performed as part of the finale of the concert, with Yoko Takahashi again providing vocals.
  • In 2017, Yoko Takahashi provided three cover versions of this track, which were released as part of her new single: Welcome to the stage!:
    • Who will know - furusato
    • Who will know - 2017
    • Who will know - snedronningen


  • Interestingly enough, the song's lyrics, coupled with when the song plays in the film heavily implies this song's figuratively sung from Godzilla's perspective, as he appears to be in a constant state of agony from the process of his mutation. The lyrics also indicate that he’s a lost, suffering creature, if he dies he’ll be forgotten, and he uses his atomic breath to protect himself from the bombs.
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