Symbiotic relationships between two different species aren’t all that uncommon. „ 

— Sam Coleman (Godzilla: King of the Monsters)


Dr. Sam Coleman is a character who first appeared in the 2019 MonsterVerse film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.


Consider us very intimidated. „ 

— Sam, about Godzilla's glowing dorsal plates

At first impressions, Sam Coleman appeared to be an awkward and nervous person. However, he is a compassionate man who prioritizes the safety of his colleagues, and he slowly overcomes his fears when the people he care about are in peril.


Sam was noted as gifted and obsessed with technology at a young age growing up in the British Columbia suburbs. While his friends played outside, he spent his time indoors refurbishing vintage arcade cabinets and reselling them to collectors and taught himself the basics of electronics and finance. He got his bachelor’s degree at age 14 and, inspired by his speedcubing hobby, Sam created a permutation-based algorithm for a self-learning computer program he invented at 15-years-old. Over the years, he received his Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from McGill University, and later a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Harvard.

After turning down numerous promising high-paying job offers, Sam joined Monarch on May 11, 2015. His first assignment was to digitally catalog the agency’s data archives and he was soon responsible for leading the development and launch of Monarch Sciences, a global communications network that heralded a new age of transparency and connectivity in the post-Godzilla world.

With the launch of Monarch Sciences, Sam was quickly promoted and given the title Director of Technology, in charge of overseeing all aspects of the agency’s prototype technologies including communications, networking, and advanced weapon and early warning systems. Sam would also be asked to speak at government hearings on Monarch’s behalf.[1]

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Jesus. It's like the whole sky's alive. „ 

— Sam, upon seeing Ghidorah destroying Washington DC.

Sam is invited to Washington DC alongside Ishiro Serizawa and Vivienne Graham in a talk with the Supreme Court about whether Monarch should fall to military jurisdiction. However, the meeting is cut short when they are notified about the abduction of Emma Russell and her daughter Madison. They then travel to Colorado to recruit Mark Russell with hopes that he can find Emma and Madison by identifying the frequency emitted by the ORCA.

When the group reaches Castle Bravo, Sam and the other Monarch agents learn that the ringleader of Emma and Madison’s abductors is Alan Jonah, a former British colonel and eco-terrorist. The outpost is then alerted about Godzilla’s sudden aggressive behavior, with Sam being outright intimidated by the Titan’s glowing dorsal plates. After Godzilla leaves, they realize that he is heading for Monarch Outpost 32 in Antarctica that holds a mysterious Titan simply known as Monster Zero.

As Mark and the G-Team storm Outpost 32 to rescue Emma and Madison, Sam and the others remain inside the Osprey. In the chaos, Jonah and his group escape while Emma uses the ORCA to awaken Monster Zero. Before he can destroy the Osprey, Godzilla emerges from the ice and starts attacking Monster Zero. Sam and a handful of his colleagues barely escapes, but Monster Zero manages to kill several others, including Vivienne, before flying off into the storm.

Back at the Argo, Sam refuses to believe that Emma is in league with Jonah, but is forced to accept the truth when Emma contacts the team about her plan to awaken all the Titans with the ORCA. As the Argo flies into Isla de Mara, Emma uses the ORCA to awaken Rodan as Sam warns everyone that Monster Zero is heading for the same direction. The team decides to use the Argo to lure Rodan towards Monster Zero and let them fight each other. Monster Zero swiftly overpowers Rodan before Godzilla leaps from the water and decapitates one of the Titan’s three heads. During this moment, the US military fires the Oxygen Destroyer to kill both monsters, resulting in Monster Zero’s flying from the ocean and Godzilla’s apparent death. Monster Zero then regenerates his missing head as he lets out a call that awakens all the slumbering Titan.

During their return to Castle Bravo, the Monarch team learns that Monster Zero is also known as "Ghidorah", an alien who intends to reshape Earth into his liking. Sam and his colleague struggle to find a solution when Mothra appears and reveals that Godzilla is still alive. Monarch then splits up with Sam and the G-Team flying to Washington DC to attack Ghidorah and Rodan, while Mark, Serizawa, Rick Stanton, and Ilene Chen head down to the Hollow Earth to revive Godzilla with a nuclear warhead.

In DC, Ghidorah and Rodan begin to overwhelm the military and the G-Team when they are notified that the Titans have ceased their rampage. Sam reunites with Chen, Stanton, and Mark, who reveals that Serizawa has sacrificed himself to rejuvenate Godzilla. Mark then realizes that Emma has combined the bioacoustics of Godzilla and humans to create the ORCA’s signal and manages to trace it to Fenway Park, Boston.

During the battle in Boston, Sam remains on the Argo as he warns Mark and the G-Team about Godzilla’s radiation overload. Following Mothra’s death, Sam, Stanton, and Chen manage to rescue Madison, Mark, and the G-Team as Emma drives away with the ORCA to distract Ghidorah. The survivors then witness Emma’s death before Godzilla uses his thermonuclear pulses to destroy Ghidorah. The other Titans then bow down to Godzilla, accepting him as their new Alpha.

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