Sasori is a giant scorpion from the 1997 book, Godzilla Invades America.


Sasori was originally a normal scorpion but when he was hit by the explosion he grew to nearly Godzilla's size and gained strength in proportion.


Sasori first appeared in Blackstone, Nevada and was video taped by two boys named Len Avery and Terry Richmond. The tape was then sent to CNN. Sasori attacked Godzilla but they soon joined forces to fend off a Kamacuras and Kumonga. After the fight they "played".

While Godzilla was sitting on a cliff Sasori grabbed Godzilla's tail with his claw. Godzilla moved off the cliff just as it crumbled. They soon fought millitary vehicles including tanks and a tunneling machine, called a grinder. The duo then went to Hollywood and did battle with the Kamacarus and Kumonga once more. After a grueling battle Sasori was hit with a ray that shrunk him back down to regular size.


Lightning bolts

Sasori gained the ability to fire lightning bolts from his tail.

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