Princess Maas Selina Salno is the monarch of Selgina and a supporting character in the 1964 Godzilla film Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.


Showa Series

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

Selina is the next in line to rule the nation of Selgina, but there is a threat on her life (from her uncle who wants to kill her so that he may rule), and she is sent to Japan to hide. En route, she is overtaken by a mysterious voice and forced to jump out of her plane, which was rigged to explode. while falling, Selina falls through a dimensional rift, and is unharmed on impact. She lands in the water and floats adrift for awhile, until she is fished out by fishermen, to whom she trades her ancestral bracelet for his clothes. She then takes on the persona of a Venusian (Martian in the English dub) prophetess, who warns the world of the arrival of King Ghidorah, and the re-emergence of Godzilla from the Pacific Ocean and Rodan from Mount Aso. She is taken seriously by almost no-one but the Shobijin and a journalist called Naoko Shindo. Shindo takes Selina to a hotel for an interview, but the assassins who sabotaged her jet break into the room and try to kill her, but her life is saved by the quick thinking of the Shobijin who had stowed away in Shindo's purse. She is later brought in for psychoanalysis, where it is revealed that her Venusian ancestors took refuge on Earth when Ghidorah ravaged their home world and their consciousness is able to survive through their descendants. She is evacuated from the hospital when the enduring kaiju battle draws near. When the Shobijin inform the group of protagonists that the infant Mothra is on the other side of a nearby hill, they leave the car, allowing Selina to slip away. Detective Shindo soon realizes that she is absent, and finds her in a small gorge nearby, where she is being shot at by the only surviving assassin. A bullet grazes her head, and she remembers her true identity. She immediately recognizes the assassin and calls him a traitor before he is crushed by falling boulders. She is finally interviewed by Naoko Shindo and establishes that she may hold romantic feelings for Detective Shindo.

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