Shadorah (シャドラー,   Shadorā?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the tenth episode of Zone Fighter, Zone Fighter Annihilated.


Shadorah visibly resembles a stout beetle-like creature. He has large yellow eyes and bluish-grey skin. He also has a pair of pronounced white mandibles and large fangs on his lower jaw. His legs and arms appear to have become degraded, and are noticeably short.


Zone Fighter

Tired of Zone Fighter and the Zone Family's constant victories over the Fearbeasts, the Garogas had finally had enough of it and sent in Shadorah to kill them. Zone battled the monster for a short while, and eventually broke Shadorah's energy bubble. Thinking Shadorah was defeated, Zone shrunk back down to human size.

A short while later, the Garogas sent Jipudoro to get Zone's attention and make him grow to giant size once more. Zone did so, but managed to defeat him. Zone began to leave, wondering why the Garogas had sent the second monster so soon.

Whilst Zone was leaving he collapsed. When Zone had destroyed Shadorah's energy bubble, the bubble's energy began to feed on him. Shadorah helped Jipudoro up and they escaped.

Zone realised that Shadorah requires an energy base to sustain his abilities. Zone then grew to giant size for the third time and managed to locate Shadorah's base. Zone destroyed it, leaving Shadorah near-paralysed and unable to fight back, ultimately being destroyed by Zone.


Probably the strongest monster, due to its unique abilities, Shadorah is among the hardest monsters Zone has had to face, along with Destro-King and King Ghidorah. It can reflect Zone Fighter's Meteor Missiles, and can survive most attacks thrown at it. It is also able to fire blinding flashes of light from its eyes and can shoot a concentrated stream of highly acidic mist from its mouth.


  • Shadorah needs a constant energy source in order to sustain himself and will fade away if said-energy source is destroyed.


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