Shiori Uranai is the main protagonist of the 1997 Mothra film Rebirth of Mothra II


Shiori lives with her mother or sister on Okinawa island. Her role in the film begins almost immediately, when two of her classmates attempt to play a prank on her. She informs their teacher, and the others are punished. when she returns home, she is sent to gather flowers in a nearby forest, where she finds Ghogo. She puts the creature in her flower basket and prepares to turn back home, but she is apprehended by the kids she had gotten punished earlier. They give chase, but are stopped by the Elias who reveal the nature of the Ghogo. Under orders from the Elias, Shiori and the others seek the mythical city of Milai Kanai, whose treasure will prevent Dagahra from destroying the world. After successfully discovering and entering Milai Kanai, she is kidnapped by some thugs of Belvera and is taken all throughout the sunken city in an attempt to find the treasure. On the discovery of the treasure chamber, she s befriended by Princess Yuna of Milai Kanai. She and a group of others escape the city. After the Ghogo binds with Mothra, she is left with a pearl to symbolize the earth and that the future of the planet is now in her hands.


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