Shockirus (ショッキラス,   Shokkirasu?) is a mutated sea louse kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1984 Godzilla film, The Return of Godzilla.



Shockirus resembles marine arthropods like the horseshoe crab with its multiple legs and hard shell. Its shell has many bumps, and it has a two-pronged spike tail.

In the manga adaptation of The Return of Godzilla, the Shockirus looks akin to a giant woodlouse.


Shockirus' roars are Ebirah and Kumonga roars that have been raised/lowered in pitch and sped up and slowed down respectively. In the U.S. cut, the roars are replaced with a different hissing screech.


According to Doctor Hayashida, Shockirus was likely a parasitic sea louse that fed on Godzilla's blood and was subsequently mutated by the radiation contained within.


The Return of Godzilla

When Godzilla attacked the fishing boat Yahata-Maru, Shockirus jumped off his body and boarded the boat. From there, it proceeded to hunt down and kill the surviving crew members, draining their bodily fluids and leaving behind desiccated husks.

The last survivor, Hiroshi Okumura, despite being injured by Shockirus, managed to shut himself inside a locker in order to hide from the creature. When reporter Goro Maki came aboard the ship the next day he was attacked by Shockirus, who jumped onto his chest and crawled toward his throat. Fortunately, Okumura regained consciousness and stabbed Shockirus in the back with a hatchet, killing the creature.


Jump: Shockirus is an extraordinary jumper.

Vital fluid suction: Can suck vital fluids out of a host.

Carapace: Its hard carapace also protects it from harm.


The Return of Godzilla

Shockirus were featured within the manga adaptation of the 1984 film.

Godzilla, King of he Monsters

Shockirus appears in the Dark Horse Godzilla comics where it attacks Kino and Take' when they climb up Godzilla.

In other languages

  • Russian: Шокирус


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