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Shogun Warriors is a toy line licensed by Mattel during 1979 that consisted of imported Japanese robots from Popy and other companies.


The original series included Godzilla and Rodan toys.

Toynami will release a Shogun Warriors-style Godzilla figure in summer 2015.


The Godzilla toy was green with small eyes, a big back-of-the-head, a pronounced nose, a very short snout, broad shoulders, yellow claws, and a completely upright posture.


The Rodan toy was a crimson-red color, with black horns and a black beak lined with small teeth, yellow eyes, a column of plates in its chest, a 38-inch wingspan (for the "flying" gimmick), small legs and big feet with yellow claws.

Toynami Godzilla

Toynami will release a Godzilla figure similar in function to the original Mattel Godzilla but with MosuGoji's likeness in summer 2015. The 19-inch figure will cost $250.

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