Shoichi Tsukioka is a fish scouter and protagonist of the 1955 Godzilla film, Godzilla Raids Again.


Godzilla Raids Again

Shoichi was a fish scouter for an Osaka based cannery. His job was to find where the fish were, and inform the fishing boats of them. His role in the film began when his colleague Kojikawa Kobayashi's plane goes down on Iwato Island. Shoichi found Kobayashi and his plane in almost no time, but the duo were forced off of the island by the battling Godzilla and Anguirus.

When they returned to Osaka, they reported the kaiju to the police and they sort through images of dinosaurs until they find a picture of Anguirus. A meeting is called with Dr. Kyohei Yamane who confirmed that the other monster is Godzilla. As he had done his part, Shoichi returned to civilian life, and later fled from the attacking Godzilla in his girlfriend's father's car with Kobayashi after leaving Hidemi in a safe place. While escaping, they were stopped by police who were chasing escaped convicts, and Shoichi aided them in their chase.

It was eventually decided that Shoichi and Kobayashi would be relocated to the Hokkaido branch of the cannery. He successfully relocated, and the Godzilla scare died down for a few months. Eventually, while fish scouting, Shoichi found Godzilla on an ice covered island and informed the military of his presence. The military and the cannery planned to destroy the reptile by trapping it in ice.

Shoichi looked on in horror as Kobayashi's plane was shot out of the sky and crashed into the ice, creating a small pile of it around Godzilla, which is the first step in the monster's defeat. Once Godzilla was defeated, Shoichi returned home to spend the rest of his life with Hidemi Yamaji.

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