I know you and he had...problems. But he was a good kid, Houston. Monarch needed more people like him. We still do. „ 

— Singh to Houston Brooks, about Aaron Brooks

Dr. Singh is a Monarch agent who first appeared in the 2017 MonsterVerse comic series, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong.


Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

On July 9, 2012, at Monarch Field Office Sigma, Singh visits his friend and colleague Houston Brooks the day before Brooks retires. As a retirement present, he gives Brooks a recording device that was recovered by the Australian Navy in the South Pacific the previous week. Singh ran the serial number on the Monarch kevlar bag the recorder was found in and learned that it belonged to Brooks' son Aaron, who disappeared on an expedition to Antarctica in 1995. Singh says the files on the recorder are intact but he can't access them since it's password-protected and the NSA's crypto-hardware is currently unavailable as Monarch is tracing a leak in Janjira. Brooks is able to access the recorder using the password "GJALLARHORN," referring to the horn of Heimdall from Norse mythology, which Brooks often read to Aaron as a child. The following day, Singh and some of Houston's other colleagues hold a party celebrating Brooks' retirement.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Official Movie Novelization

At Monarch Outpost 58, located in a cave in the Tingua Preserve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Singh has Erik and Mariko on standby to use the kill switch as the awoken Titan designated "Behemoth" is acting erratically. As Behemoth forces his way through the containment field, Singh calls Erik via an intercom and gives him the go-ahead to enable the backup kill switch.

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