The Sky Devils were a helicopter squadron led by Preston Packard in Kong: Skull Island.


Kong: Skull Island

The Sky Devils ware led by Colonel Preston Packard throughout the Vietnam War and were stationed at Da Nang Air Base In 1973, President Richard Nixon ordered all American soldiers to be withdrawn from Vietnam, including the Sky Devils.

They were recruited by Monarch official William Randa as a military escort during the first Monarch expedition to Skull Island. They were tasked with dropping bombs on the island to test seismic activity for geological purposes. Unbeknownst to any of them, part of the task was meant to uncover any Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms on the island.

However, they suffered major losses during Kong's rampage, which led their commander to go on a maniacal quest to kill Kong. Jack Chapman was killed by a Skullcrawler and several more men were killed by the same Skullcrawler while they were traveling through The Boneyard. Another soldier was killed by a Mother Longlegs and Earl Cole was later killed by the larger Skullcrawler after a failed attempt to trick it into eating him.

At the end of the expedition, only a few men were lucky to survive and the remnants of the Sky Devils were likely disbanded.

Notable Members

Name Years Active Role Status
Preston Packard Unknown - 1973 Founder Deceased
Jack Chapman Unknown - 1973 Second-in-command Deceased
Earl Cole Unknown - 1973 Soldier Deceased
Reg Slivko Unknown - 1973 Soldier Retired
Glenn Mills Unknown - 1973 Soldier Retired
Reles Unknown - 1973 Soldier Retired
Kong: Skull Island