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Snake in the Grass is the second episode of Kong: King of the Apes.


The episode opens with Danny Kwan teaching Kong how to use some arm bands to defend himself, but it quickly cuts to Lucas' housekeeper Anita talking to her great-niece, Francisca, who is being attacked by a Giant Anaconda, over the phone. Lucas Remy and Doug Jones head out to save her with Kong and Danny. When they reach the location, they are confronted by Botila and some Pterodactyl Bionobots. King Kong defeats them, but there is no sign of Anita's niece. They find her, and she tells Kong not to hurt the snake, and she joins the team. At that point, more Bionobots come and attack Kong, and set fire to the forest, giving one pterodactyl the time to escape with the Anaconda. In Richard Remy's laboratory, he converts the Anaconda into a Bionobot. In an attempt to rescue the anaconda, the team arrives on Alcatraz island, where Kong is being attacked by the Bionobot Anaconda. Kong is then constricted by the beast and is unable to escape. Danny and Francisca then decide to use the team's helicopter's backup battery to overcharge the anaconda. They then take it back to their base of operations and remove the Bionobot armor. They then plan to move it back to Mexico.




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