King Kong drinks the Soma juice after defeating Oodako.

Soma is a special species of berry which first appears in King Kong vs. Godzilla.


King Kong vs. Godzilla

Soma, when purified into a juice, is highly valued for its medicinal advantages, but it comes with a difficult limitation - the berries only grow on the Tropical South Pacific Farou Island. This is one of the reasons that Pacific Pharmaceuticals mount an expedition to the island, to seek out the berries to obtain a large enough amount to bring back to Japan to study, as well as obtain the island's giant kaiju to use as the company's mascot. However, the island's tribe are unwilling to show them the location of the Juice, as it is used to satisfy their god, King Kong. After an expedition into the island yields almost no sightings of the plant, and an encounter with Kong's roars and a Giant Lizard, the expedition force choose to remain with the tribe, where they witness and help fight off Oodako, who tries to steal the Soma juice from a hut in the village. Shortly afterwards, Kong emerges, and drinks the Soma juice that has been offered to him in the midst of a special chant from the natives, and promptly falls asleep.


  • Soma is not mentioned by name at all in the original Japanese version of the film - Universal simply altered the plotline to include Soma, as a way to theorise why King Kong and the other animals on Farou Island are so large.
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