Spaceship Zanon (宇宙船ザノン,   Uchūsen Zanon?, lit. Spacecraft Zanon) is a massive spacecraft which first appeared in the 1980 Daiei film, Gamera: Super Monster.


Showa Series

Gamera: Super Monster

Spaceship Zanon appears as the Mothership for Zanon, his crew and the evil Spacewoman scout Giruge. After revealing his plans to invade the Earth, Zanon releases the revived kaiju Gyaos, Zigra, Viras, Jiger, Guiron and Barugon, and also briefly utilises a mind-control device released from the ship to control Gamera although another of the Spacewomen (Kilara) is able to trick Zanon into destroying it. - After Gamera defeats all of the monsters, Zanon pilots his ship into battle to kill Gamera personally, but dies after Gamera sacrifices himself by slamming into the ship and detonating, destroying the ship, Zanon and Gamera himself in a gigantic explosion.


  • Spaceship Zanon's appearance is a carbon copy of that of the Imperial Star Destroyer from the Star Wars series.
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